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Messages from Nature’s Guardians

This much anticipated first book from popular, Scottish ‘Elemental’ communicator, Fiona Murray is both an enchanting and educational journey into a world of natural wonder. It is a book about inter realm communications between the Elemental, Angelic and Human realms, providing a unique insight into our current environmental dilemma. The reader is led along Fiona’s spiritual journey in discovering the existence of the nature guardians with the help of Goddesses and Ascended Masters, as her sixth sense opens up allowing her to hear their important environmental messages about the state of the planet at this time.
In the book we travel with her through magical Scotland, meeting the different nature guardians, finding out about how to connect with them, where they dwell and how no matter where you are in the world, you can access their ancient healing powers and wisdom to help you in your life.

This is an often humorous but always thought provoking tale of our impact on our precious Earth, about our duty as a part of a great web of stewardship to protect and nurture the planet, our and their home. With a healthy mix of scientific fact and etherical teachings from such a diverse group of beings, including Fairies, Pixies, Gnomes, Mermen, Unicorns and Goharts (to name but a few) this book unveils a refreshing take on the workings of Gaia. With beautiful illustrations by some of the world’s leading fantasy artists and photography, Fiona captures our youthful and playful imagination and leads us to consider another way of communicating with the Earth and her custodians – the Elementals.
‘Messages from Nature’s Guardians’ is a must read for anyone who feels connected to something magical around themselves and those who are passionate about the well-being of our shared planet.  A modern folklore tale that inspires the reader to explore the environment around them.

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“Messages From Nature’s Guardians sees popular speaker turned author, Fiona Murray unveil her unusual ability to communicate with the Elemental realms. Journey with her to other dimensions, normally unseen by us mere mortals! Strong messages about the results of our actions towards the environment come through very convincingly.

You will experience Fiona’s passion for these realms and gain insights into the way she manages to communicate with these beings that dwell beyond the gossamer veil in another magical yet very real dimension.

This book is a real inspiration and helps us to see that each and every one of us can connect with these beautiful unseen realms, if we so desire. The Faeries and other Elementals really do want to help us to understand their plight as guardians of the land. In a way we are all joint tenants on this planet and we need to live and work in harmony to really ensure a bright future for our beautiful home. I wholeheartedly recommend this beautiful and insightful book.”

Karen Kay Editor in Chief FAE Magazine

“This is a mystical and magical book, weaving timelessly throughout the fairy glens of Scotland and connecting us back to the guardians of this ancient land. By every stone, tree, loch and mountain lives a wisdom- keeper patiently awaiting our return helping us to unlock that which has been forgotten but not lost, so that we all can access the worlds of spirit both seen and unseen. When you read Messages From Nature’s Guardians the Elementals dance right out of the pages, so best you read this book in Nature so that you can experience the world of the Faey. Fiona is a wonderful storyteller and seer, holds great honour and respect for our ancestors. A blessing indeed.”

Barbara Miekeljohn-Free

The Highland Seer and author of The Heart Of All Knowing

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Published by Ribble Press